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Forgiveness and kindness

Welcome to my new homepage.

 Nowadays, it is not easy to forgive one and another, one's friends rembember friend what Jesus said: 'Forgive them for they do know not what they are doing if one reflects on these words and pray then doing all his/her utmost to forgive one can succeed in forgiving. One should also be kindhearted, caring generous, respectul, not being envious on him/her, and patient and not the contrerary, and by not swearing against the Holy Eucharist, the Lord God and the Virgin Mary, remember the ten commandments because these are there to guide one's life

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One should give a good example to everyone who sees you. Even if one's goes one in a company one should also give a good example of himself/herself to the company becuase it is more effective giving a good example than speaking the word of God to others. Only when needed one could speak it.
To be true and be a trust friends One  should be ready to be help others in need and not look at them only or going out with them ingnoring them, even by helping them when one looks not at all happy. Even when one swears against the Holy Ecuharist if it is a habbit in remember friend 'Thou shalt not swear' and your utmost you could succeed. Finally one should not worry if there is oppostion whilst giving a good example of Jesus Christ even by teaching them
the word of God towards friends and all who you come in contact,remember friend what Jesus said in the the beatitudes which in the last beatitude Jesus said: Henin min jippersegwatkhom, u jghildilkhom kull xorta minhabba fija hawn fija qed irreferija ghal Gesu ghax hlaskhom hu kbir fis-saltna tas smewwiet.
One should also be generous to old people espescially if they come from you. by not abonding them in a home becuase sometimes they feel very lonely when on one from their family comes to see them because for them not only they have company but they like speaking to you and by listening to what they say to you.
Also by trusting your friends, parents and teachers because they know that is for your own good that they tell you. One should also obey one's parents, and not disobey them but one has to have great respect with them becuase they know how to respect you very much and love you too.
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